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UNCON and Lions Club of Narayangarh Diyalo, Nepal (LCND) have signed an agreement where UNCON has agreed to support $200.00 each month that will be utilized for the benefit of the orphan girls living in orphanages in Nepal and LCND has agreed to execute/administer the project at the field (local) level . Vice-President of UNCON Mr. Thala Raj Panta and Project Coordinator of Girls Orphange Project at LCND Mr. Dina Nath Naupane signed the agreement on July 15, 2015.


Based on survey and research, LCND selected Satya Sai Bal Ashram of Muktinagar, Chitwan, Nepal, for such support and both the Donor and UNCON approved it. Therefore, starting from September of 2015, UNCON will provide $200 each month to LCND that will be utilized for the benefit of the orphan girls living in the Bal Ashram of Miktinagar, Chitwan, Nepal. The first instalment will be remitted in September of 2015. UNCON is very pleased to support the education, food, and health care needs of the orphan girls in Nepal.


UNCON whole-heartedly thanks the Donor (the Donor’s name is confidential on Donor’s request) who agreed to donate $2,400 per year to UNCON that will be utilized for the above noted purpose. This is a continuing project and will be renewed each year, depending upon the evaluation report of the project.  UNCON also thanks the Lions Club of Narayangarh Diyalo, Nepal (LCND) for partnering with UNCON in this project.


ON October 25th, 2015, LCND organized an official fund handover program in Chitwan, Nepal, where Mr. Batuk R. Bista, General Secretary of UNCON, handed over a check of $1,200 jointly to the Charter President Lion Raj Kumar Shrestha and President Lion Khem Raj Gurung. This was an installment payment for the first six months, effective from October 2015.

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