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UNCON is in the process of establishing a partner relation with a few NGOs that are already working in the rural areas of Nepal in the following sectors:















Current Projects:


Currently UNCON is involved in following projects partnering with with Child Development Service (CDS),  Shreejana Development Center (SDC) in above mentioned areas.


Any other NGOs that are interested in establishing a partner relation with UNCON are encouraged to contact one of the UNCON officers or Representatives in Nepal.



Project 1: Child Education – Children Development Services (CDS)

UNCON has signed an MoU with CDS to support 10 underprivileged students. Under this partner relation, UNCON will assume the financial responsibility of tuition fee, complete school uniform, and necessary supplies for 10 students, in year 2015. Details available in Children Education page



Project 2: Women Empowerment - Shreejana Development Centre (SDC)

SDC and UNCON have signed an MoU to support underprivileged women from western Nepal. Under this relation, UNCON has provided financial support to SDC to conduct vocational training programs for women of the poor and deprived rural community. UNCON will also support SDC to buy needed tools/equipment for distribution to the poor and deprived women, who successfully completes the training. Details available in Women Empowerment page.


Project 3: Support Nepali girls living in Orphanage in Nepal

UNCON has received a commitment letter from a donor, who intended to donate $2,400 per year for the betterment of Nepali girls living in Orphanage in Nepal. This will be an unrestricted gift to UNCON. UNCON is in the process of signing an agreement with the Lions Club of Narayhanghar Diyalo, Nepal (LCND) that will act as UNCON’s one of the Nepal Based Partner to execute this Project. Details available in Girls Orphanage page.


Project 4: School construction in Nepal

An agreement regarding reconstruction and/or development of earthquake damaged public schools in the earthquake affected areas of Nepal has been signed by the Lions Club International Multiple District 325 Nepal (LCIMDN) and the USA-Nepal Community Outreach Network (UNCON) on June 9, 2015. LCIMDN President Lion Mr. Bharat Dhungel and UNCON’s President Lion Mr. Prakash Gautam signed the agreement that detailed the scope of the project and responsibilities of each parties in this noble task. Details available in Kathmandu Project page.


Project 5: Social awareness project in Jumla Nepal

USA-Nepal Community Outreach Network (UNCON) has initiated a project with an objective to minimize the Chhoupadi Pratha (a tradition where young girls are forced to stay out of their home, normally in a shed or cattle-house where no minimal facilities are available, during their monthly menstruating period) in the very remote Karnali region of Western Nepal. Details available in Jumla Project page.


Project 6: Sharada Secondary School, Lamjung, Nepal

UNCON has started a project in Lamjung to build a 2 room block at Sharada Secondary School. The project is funded by UNCON and Nepalese Society of Texas (NST). NEC '99 Civil will implement this project in Nepal. The project is expected to complete in June 2016. Details available in Lamjung Project page.


Future Projects:


Project 1: Install solar system at Bharatpur School to support UNCON Youth Computer Lab.

Currently due to load shedding of upto 15 hrs a day, students at Himalaya Lower Secondary School are not able to fully utilize the computer lab established by UNCON Youth. This project will install the solar system so the needed power will be supplied when electricity is not available.

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