UNCON’s mission is to work with communities to help alleviate hunger & poverty and support health care activities to the  underprivileged people in Nepal and other parts of the world.

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Dog Appreciation Day @ Richardson Animal Shelter

Celebrating Kukur Tihar - dog appreciation day - at Richardson Animal Shelter. UNCON way of community service. This is our 4th year in row partnering with Animal Shelter to celebrate dog appreciation day. We donated ~$150 worth of pet supplies to Richardson Animal Shelter. Along with UNCON officers and their family members, UNCON supporters Pukarji Tamrakar and Alina Shrestha were also present. UNCON VP of Finance Mr. Bilas Upadhyay, CPA highlighted the importance of Kukur Tihar. UNCON IPP Mr Prakash Gautam handed over the support to Mr. Josh Polando, Assistant Resource Coordinator, Richardson Animal Shelter.