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UNCON is pleased to announce its youth group called UNCON Youth. UNCON Youth group is officially created on 9/26/2015. Our goal is to bring together all the youths of Nepalese origin and provide a platform for them to socialize and work for better Nepal and Nepalese community.


What we plan to do:

  • Help UNCON with upcoming projects by providing volunteer services as advised by UNCON youth Coordinator

  • Organize at least two fund raising activities in the DFW area every year.

  • Select projects in Nepal, raise funds, and use funds to help the needy people in Nepal. (UNCON will financially support the youth team if needed.)

  • Organize a youth group meeting once every three months, and remain connected with other volunteers.

  • Prepare materials for UNCON’s website – Youth Corner



UNCON Youth team is proud to be part of the UNCON. Our volunteers were busy in helping guests during UNCON's event on 9/26/2015.

Do you want to join our group?

Contact US

UNCON Youth Projects/Events



We would like to congratulate Reema on her achievement. Her artwork has been accepted into the 31st Annual Texas & Neighbors Regional Art Exhibition that is going to be held from April 16 to May 14, 2016 at Irving Art Center. Her one of the 80 pieces selected for exhibition. There were 195 artists competing from five states with 499 images. We encourage all UNCON friends and family to visit this exhibition and provide support to Reema. Congratulation Reema.


For details about the exihibition please visit:

The 31st Texas & Neighbors Regional Art Exhibition


Here is a link to Reema's website: 





Sweta & Kritika

We would like to congratulate the following UNCON Youth Members:


Sweta Gautam: Winner for the 2016 Diabetes Awareness Essay Contest by the Lions Club International District 2-X1. Her essay entitled “New Ways of Thinking to Manage Diabetes” was awarded the first prize and was selected for the state competition. Sweta is an active UNCON volunteer and a senior at McKinney High School.

Kritika Panta: Second place winner in the Dallas Everest Lions Club's Speech Competition “The Socioeconomic Effects of Marijuana Decriminalization.” She was selected for the District competition that will be held in May 2016. Kritika is an active UNCON volunteer and a junior at Liberty High School.

Congratulations to both winners! We wish you the best in your future endeavors.

UNCON Youth Computer Lab Is Now Officially Established

USA-Nepal Community Outreach Network (UNCON) in collaboration with GK Foundation, Chitwan, recently established a new Computer Lab at Himalaya Lower Secondary School, Jagritichowk, Bharatpur. The Lab is now equipped with three brand new computers and is named as UNCON Youth Computer Lab. Sixty percent of the total cost of the three computers was provided by UNCON and the remaining forty percent was subsidized by GK Foundation. The cost of the fixtures, furniture, wall paintings, and floorings of the Computer Lab are paid by UNCON and GK Foundation, as well.

UNCON Youth Volunteers are raising funds to fund many other projects in Nepal including more computer labs in public schools. If you would like to help, please contact one of the UNCON Youth Volunteers!

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