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USA-Nepal Community Outreach Network (UNCON) is a not-for-profit organization registered in the State of Texas on November 30, 2014. UNCON’s mission is to work with communities to help alleviate hunger & poverty and support for health care activities to the underprivileged people in Nepal and other parts of the world.


Purposes of the establishment of UNCON:


  • To aid, assist, and promote interest in the development of the various under privileged sectors of Nepal:

~ Provide short term help, and/or long term help if possible, for various disaster victims.

~ Support in education, health, child abuse (labor), and women empowerment.

~ Provide support in any other areas that are approved by the UNCON Board.

  • To receive gifts, bequests, devises, endowment funds or revenues from various lawful sources for use in the above noted underprivileged sectors in Nepal.

  • To invest funds received by UNCON and to exercise control over the disbursement of its collected funds in order to fulfill UNCON’s objectives.

  • To participate and support activities, organized by other charity organizations in USA, which will support to enhance the social and economical status of the people in need.

  • To allocate money received by UNCON for operating expenses of the organization. 


What we believe:


  • We believe in equipping the people in need with the tools, education, training, and other supports in our capacity to bring about positive                      transformation together.

  • We believe every person has a responsibility to help improve the lives of others who are in need and to help build this world a better place.

  • We know that no one can absolutely change this world but we believe each one of us can contribute something which eventually will help in the          positive transformation process.


What you can do:


  • You can empower a sector of a needy and struggling community by funding a project through UNCON.

  • You can visit the under privileged areas of Nepal and volunteer in transforming the skills and expertise that you have to the community in need. ~ ~ ~ You just contact UNCON and we will coordinate from that point.

  • You can donate the used tools or materials that can be used by the people in need, in those communities.      


Your donation or gift can:


  • Help us to expand our programs in various sectors and geographical areas to meet our organization’s objectives.

  • Help us to meet our mission of minimization of hunger & poverty and support for health care activities to the less fortunate people.

  • Make you happier and healthier

  • Help the people in need by supporting UNCON’s activities in USA and in Nepal. 




~~Who We Are~~


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