~~Who We Are~~


Prakash Gautam

Founding President, 2014 - 2017; Founding Director

Prakash holds an MBA degree from USA and a Professional Accounting Degree (CGA) from Canada. He has a second MBA and a Law Degree from Nepal. Prakash has several years of Finance & Project Management experiences in the Government Sector. Prakash works for the City of Dallas in Level K (Financial Reporting, same as Manager II) position. Prakash has served several charity organizations as social volunteers in various capacities. Currently he is the Lions Clubs International District 2-X1 Leo Clubs Chairperson, International Ambassador of Lions TU Blood Transmission and Research Center Nepal, and an active member of Association of Asian American City Employees Dallas. Prakash lives in Fairview, Texas, with his wife Sunita and daughter Sweta. 

Bilas Upadhyay, CPA

Current President / Founding Director

Bilas has an MBA degree from USA and has earned his CPA from Texas, USA. Bilas is the owner of a CPA firm based in Sunnyvale, Texas. He also works for Bank of America in Trust Tax Department. He along with his wife owns and operates a Family Practice Clinic in Mesquite, Texas. Bilas has been supporting indigent community in Nepal through various projects. Bilas lives with wife Vishnu Maya and three children in Sunnyvale, Texas.

Devendra Shah

Founding Director/Vice-President

Devendra is the Director of Technology with the Plano Independent School District, Plano, Texas, USA. Devendra holds a Master Degree in Telecommunications Engineering from USA, and a Bachelor Degree in Electronics and Communications Engineering from Nepal. Devendra lives in Mckinney, Texas, with his wife Sabina and two children.

Laxmi Panta Sharma Oli


Laxmi is a Registered Nurse (RN), currently working at Opthalmology Surgery Center in Dallas, Texas, USA. She holds Bachelors Degree in Nursing (BN) from Nepal. She has worked as a nurse for more than 4 years prior to getting her Bachelors Degree. After BN, she has worked as a coordinator and taught at Om Health Campus in Nepal. Laxmi lives in Plano, Texas with her husband Kiran and two children.

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Naresh Raj Pandey

Founding President, 2017 - 2019; Founding Director

Naresh has an MPA degree from Nepal, and has proved himself a highly successful business entrepreneur in the Nepalese Community in Dallas, Texas. Naresh is the Owner/President of several retail businesses and is heavily involved in several Nepali Community activities in Dallas. Naresh lives in Glenn Heights, Texas, with his wife Mandy and three children.

Batuk Bista


Batuk holds an MBA in information technology from USA. He has a second master degree in Business from Nepal. Batuk has several years of revenue management experience in the local government sector in Nepal. Presently Batuk is employed with AT&T Inc as a Principle Technical Architect. Batuk lives in Richardson, Texas, with his wife Kalpana and two children.

Navin Pyakuryal

Project Advisor

Navin Pyakuryal has Master in Public Health (MPH) from Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, and Post graduation Diploma in Population Sciences from International Institute of Population Sciences (IIPS), Mumbai.   He also holds certification in Pharmacy Tech and Health Coverage Navigator.  Mr. Pyakuryal has extensive experience in community development and health serving the less privileged and under-served populations in the different countries in South, Southeast and Central Asia, and the US. He has expertise directly working with refugees, internally displaced population (IDPs) and immigrants.  Currently Mr. Pyakuryal is working with City of Houston in a project to expand health care to under-served populations. Avid believer of participatory approaches and community ownership, he specializes in increasing access to services, and education campaigns for low-literate populations.

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Thala "Raj" Panta

Founding Director / Vice-President

Raj holds a Diploma in Engineering and Technology from Nepal and has earned several other certifications from USA. Some of His certifications include Engineer/Surveyor/Map Science (USA), Certified EPA Tech (USA), and Certified MPO (City of Dallas), USA. Raj is the owner of a design build company, an engineering and construction industry, based in Texas. Raj lives in Rowlett, Texas, with his wife Sangita and two children.

Agni Sanjel

Director/General Secretary

Agni holds Master's Degree in English from Trivuban University, NEPAL. He worked for Nepal Government for 6 years. He also taught at Trivuban University afilicated colleges for about 2 years prior to moving to USA. He is involved in various social activities here in USA and currently runs his own business. He lives in Fort Worth, Texas with his wife Shama and two children.

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